Kick Exchanges

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  • Duration 16m 17s


One of the most common patterns in a Muay Thai fight is the exchanging of kicks – if you receive a kick from an opponent it is important to strike back if possible, as unanswered strikes can be seen as a sign you are losing the fight in the eye of the judges.

In this course, using Dan’s many years of fighting experience, you will be guided through numerous ways to win a kick exchange, depending on different patterns of behaviour from your opponent.

This course is more aimed towards intermediate to advanced level fighters wishing to fine tune their game, but it is also highly beneficial for beginners to get an understanding of what to expect in sparring / fighting conditions and how to come out on top.

What Will I Learn?

  • Different kick exchange patterns
  • How to read your opponents behaviour and use it against them
  • How to win kicking exchanges and score points with the judges

Topics for this course

7 Lessons16m 17s

Kick Exchanges and how to win them?

Here you will be taken through various types of kick exchanges, where your opponent is regularly attacking both your left and right side, and ways you can recognise these patterns in order to win the exchange.
Rear Kick and Push00:02:18
Switch in to Lead Hook00:02:37
Rear Leg Sweep00:02:11
Kick to Check (and Teep)00:03:49
Front Leg Inside Sweep00:03:03
Counter Lean Back with Inside Sweep00:02:19
Double Switch to Kick00:02:13
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